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Travel Information

Spring/Summer Competitive Program

RFSC Spring/Summer Competitive Program runs from April through July.  Training for this program typically begins around the first week of January with Indoor training sessions.  Indoor training sessions are open to all those who have registered for the Summer Competitive Program.


Spring/Summer Competitive teams will be created annually (January) based on the participants who have registered by the specified registration date set forth by the RFSC.   The club will create teams based on US Youth Soccer Birth Year Mandate

Below is the 2016 Fall & 2017 Spring age group. 

You will choose your player's age group dependent on their birthyear. 

       U9 - 2009

      U10 - 2008
      U11 - 2007

      U12 - 2006
      U13 - 2005

       U14 - 2004

       U15 - 2003

       U16 - 2002

       U17 - 2001

       U18 - 2000

  1. Competitive Teams (U9-U10 Gold/Maroon, U11-U17 C2 and C3) are created in Aug(Fall season) & Jan(Spring/Summer).   Participants registered by the RFSC Registration Deadlines will be placed on Rosters based on US Youth Soccer Year Mandate and the # of Players registered for each respective birth year.
  2. Those age groups for which RFSC can’t roster a complete team, with the below noted birth year roster numbers, the RFSC will proceed with the following steps to fulfill roster requirements.
    1. U13-U17 (14-18 players w/option to over roster)
    2. U11-U12 (9-14 Players w/ option to over roster)
    3. U9-U10 (7-12)
  3. RFSC will refer to annual player evaluations to be held in Early August and ongoing coach evaluations to place the most skilled and physically capable players on the age/skill appropriate team.
  4. RFSC will make every effort to place all registered participants on a team.  Should registration numbers fall below roster requirements for a specific age group the club may refrain from hosting a team at that age group for which registered participants will be notified.  
  5. Late registrations will be added to registered birth year group.  If that roster is full and there is player availability at the next oldest age level, the RFSC will determine weather to place the player at that level or over roster at the current age level.  Over roster players are allowed to participate in all team practices and games for which the team can not provide a full roster (U13-U17=18players, U11-U12=14players
  6. Any team promoted to C1 will have the opportunity roster same team roster from season to season.  Any new registrants for that age group will need to be evaluated prior to being placed on that C1 team.  For those age groups that may have multiple teams in the C1 age group all players will be required to evaluate for that team.

Team rosters are finalized by the second week of March.  Coaches will be in contact with their teams by the last week in March.

Summer/Fall Fees

In addition to Summer/Fall Registration Fees, teams for which the club can’t provide a qualified volunteer coach, the club will hire a paid coach.  For teams that are assigned a paid coach there will be additional dues owed by each member of the team to cover the coach’s salary, travel costs and additional winter training expenses such as indoor training space. 

River Falls Soccer Club traveling program is designed to provide players  opportunities for play competitive soccer. Traveling soccer demands more commitment than recreational soccer and with that comes the benefits of quality coaches, team atmosphere, year round training and much more.

River Falls Soccer Club has competitive teams in both Spring/Summer & Fall and competes in the MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Association).

We typically have girls and boys teams from 9-14 yrs. old. From time to time we do field teams beyond 14 yrs. old

In our younger groups U9/10, the focus is still on developing our players and fair playing time to the best of our ability. In the event that multiple teams are needed at this age level, the club and coaches will distribute talent to the best of our ability.

Once you reach the U11 age group and beyond, this is strictly competitive play and not fair playing time. In the event of multiple team formation, there may be tryouts to create different level teams (C1,C2,C3).

River Falls Soccer Club is focusing on improving our quality and skill level of the youth in Western Wisconsin. Our goal is to develop teams and give them the opportunity to improve their classification and ranking over time. To accomplish this, it takes a strong commitment and joint effort from our players, coaches, parents and the club to improve the quality of our club.


This session starts practicing in early April (about 2 times per week). Games run from early May to the end of July. The games are either played on our home fields at Golfview or in the east metro.

Game night pairings are Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday. If you would like further information on what night your child plays, please visit the MYSA website and check out the “Leagues” heading at the top of the page.


Fall League practices start at the end of August. Games run from early September to the end of October. Games are played Saturday and or Sunday afternoons or evenings.

The games are either played on our home fields at Golfview or in the east metro.


Tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for additional play in a competitive atmosphere, and can be a fun, rewarding experience for players and parents, alike.  While we encourage participation in tournaments throughout the summer and fall seasons, individual teams will be responsible for all associated entry fees and expenses.  Many tournament options exist and registration costs typically range from $200-$400 per team, depending on age and competition level.  Your coach or team manager will have more information regarding tournament options as the seasons progress.


U11 and above can play in the district playoffs and state tournament if eligible.